Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor


During the celebration of World Mission Sunday, all believers should support with prayer, with a financial contribution and with our life’s testimony to all the missionaries who have left their family, country and language to announce to others the joy of the Salvation.

I don’t know what motivates some people to leave everything to do the missionary work. Maybe it’s curiosity to know the world or because of a personal or family problem. What I can tell you is that God calls the missionaries to preach in other lands. Maybe God takes advantage of the reasons or circumstances of those people to choose them. God wants everyone to know his love and will seek means so that they don’t lack love. God calls to be a missionary and I have no doubt about this.

I want to take this moment to share with you an interview with Deacon Raúl Molina who works at Santa Ana Parish in Santa Monica, California.

What does a missionary means to you?

Is that person who lives and preaches the Gospel to others through the talents that God gave him. Here in the Los Angeles area where there is so much diversity of cultures and races, members of Santa Ana join with other evangelical, Jewish and Muslim groups to support people in need and together we support employees who work in companies where conditions are not worthy. work. When Catholics respect the diversity of cultures and religions and unite with other groups, we achieve greater justice and peace. This is how we show God’s love as Christians. Because to be a missionary is to give time and talents to the neediest without charging them and without setting barriers because of their origin.

How can the people of Santa Ana be missionaries beyond their parish?

First of all, I believe that being a missionary is not the privilege of priests, religious or deacons, but of all the lay individuals of the parish, young people, married couples and children. In Santa Ana we have taken seriously the vocation of being missionaries. First, we pray for people who dedicate full time to missions in other countries and second, we contribute financially each year in the collection for missions and third, we support the representatives of the Missionary Institutes that visit us during the year. the parish.


Are there lay people who are an example of being missionaries?

Yes, there is a group of young people who go to the border city of Tijuana and, in one day, install homes for the homeless. These lay people with their talents also does the mission of announcing the love of God with their works. Others go as nurses, carpenters and electricians. Each of them with their jobs can help in the missions for a certain time, especially in the summer or annual holidays.


Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor

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