Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor



Reading 1 DT 4:32-34, 39-40, Responsorial Psalm PS 33:4-5, 6, 9, 18-19, 20, 2, Reading 2 ROM 8:14-17, Gospel MT 28:16-20

Today we celebrate today the feast of the most Holy Trinity. The biblical texts indicate that God  is not alone and far from the rest. God is the father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. God is a community. This image of God is the union of a loving father with a Son, and they are in union with the love of the Holy Spirit is also engrained in our heart. For this reason, we say in the Church that we are an image of God because we always have the need to be somebody in relation to someone else, as it is the same in God.

How can we understand that God is three Persons, one God? The Church answers that it is a mystery. It is also right to say, we too are a mystery. We do not know who we are, when we do not learn every day to live in harmony and community with different people. Every day is a wonderful opportunity to know who “I” am. When I am open to live with other people and to accept them in my life, then I begin to know who really is God. Life gives us a small answer every day.

When you have time to contemplate the sky and the works of creation, you will also discover that you are present in the middle of it all and that you are not alone. We can’t breathe, and walk without having this wonderful unity. We are always in communion with all creatures. We are absolutely dependable to this universe, and we as Christians through faith, are in unity with the creator. Creator is for us a Father, which means we can pray to him and we can feel his closeness. We are relating to our Father as creatures.

We also discover that in this world not all is a bed of roses and there is pain, suffering, poverty, ills, and bad things. We then discover that this reality is not far away from God.  Jesus the son is also our savior and redeemer. So we are not alone in these difficult times. He gives sense to these bitter moments. We relate to Jesus the Son as our redeemer. 

When we realize that we are able to love, to be creative, to battle for freedom, to dream for a better world, then we discover that we are not alone. The Holy Spirit sends His gifts and His power, so that we may have the energy to do anything.  The Holy Spirit unites us in the large differences of the world.

In our own mystery, in our question every day of who I am, we discover that we are, we move, we have a future in the hands of God through the mystery of the Holy Trinity: One God, three persons. We find out that we are children of God. We learn that we are in unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We realize that we are in union with our brothers and sisters especially those who have the same faith. Every day has its own activities and every day has its own answers but we learn to live in the unity of the mystery, which is Love.

Who is God? It is a community and it is a mystery that only eternity will give us the answer. God is Father, God is Son, God is Holy Spirit. Three different people and one true God … and Who am I? Answering this question without relating to anyone or anything that we do seems difficult to answer. Answering as if we were independent of everyone and unrelated to anyone does not reflect reality. We are not a lonely island despite the fact that sometimes we feel so lonely. If we answer the question Who am I? As if we were a hermit or a loner, the answer is rather crying out for someone to take us out of our solitude in order to be someone. Something deep tells us in the mind and in the heart that I am not made to live like a lonely island or live in the anonymity of my loneliness. Something is engraved in our being that tells us that: “I am truly me when I have someone else who is with me.”

Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor


Rev. Roberto Raygoza, Associate Pastor



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