Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor


Reading 1 – 1 KGS 19:4-8, Responsorial Psalm – PS 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, Reading 2 – EPH 4:30—5:2, Gospel – JN 6:41-51

How many times have you received communion on the last four Sundays of July and these two Sundays in August? Two, three or six times? How frequently do you have communion? Many ask themselves, why receive communion? The answer is: to be the face Christ today and always on the earth and be the true Body of Christ. To have Christ’s face is so real, that it continues outside the temple and has its presence in each one of us as we walk through the streets of Santa Monica until we reach our homes to transform them into temples of God. With communion we give body to Christ in the coming and going of each day. As the evangelist Matthew said about the presence of Jesus: “Know that I will be with you until the end of the world.” This phrase is not a false promise but the actual presence of Christ when I accept the plan God has for humanity. That is why, when we have communion, our life is peace, justice and forgiveness. It does not mean that I substitute Christ, and I am not Christ, but as the scriptures say: We are the Body of Christ. This Body of Christ was completed first in Jesus who walked for thirty-three years on this earth, then in the Eucharist which is a sacrament of His presence, and then the community of the faithful as the real presence of Christ acting in the world from today.

To say that we form the Body of Christ is not an exaggeration, nor a symbol, but a real truth. We are not a corporation or a company, but we are His Body; We are not a mystical reality but a physical one that is made life here on earth with its riches and its limitations when, as sons and daughters of God, we pass every day from slavery to freedom.

This brings us many consequences for the daily life because in each communion that we receive in our hand, it becomes a blessing for those who need us. In the same way, the requests we make for peace make us instruments of peace where necessary. The requests we make for the health of the sick person turn us into healing for the patient himself, whether through a visit, to take him to the doctor, to impose his hands, to take care of his health, to support him financially. So much is the importance of being the Body of Christ that the word of God would remain silent if it is not proclaimed on the lips of the believer. Christ fulfills his promise to be with us until the end of the world when the Eucharist turns us into his real community.

In essence, Jesus tells us: You cannot have perfect communion with the God of heaven who is all love, who is all forgiveness and who is all understanding, if you are not in communion with your community which is not all love, no it is all forgiveness and it is not all understanding here on earth. For me communion is a gift, it is grace, it is a gift, that is why I live grateful with the gift of life because what I have is a gift from God.

Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor

Rev. Roberto Raygoza, Associate Pastor

Rev. Heriberto Serrano, Associate Pastor


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