Our Lady Queen of Angels

Please fill out the baptismal application form on the next screen. After the form is complete, please press the “Save” button one time. Please do not press the “Save” button more than one time as it will create a duplicate of your application. Even though your information will remain on the screen, we have received your application. Our staff will email you a confirmation of your registration within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about your application, please call us at (213) 629-3101 or email us at:Baptism@LaPlacitaChurch.org

Please first read all requirements below

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Baptism Requirements

1. The Child being baptized cannot exceed over the age of 6. If so, please get in contact with the Religious Education Department.

2. Godparents must be over 18 years of age and must be Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Practitioners.

3. If the Godparents are a couple, they must be married through the Catholic Church. If they are not married through the Catholic Church, they do not qualify.

4. If the Godparents are just one person (Man or Woman) or both, they cannot be in a relationship with each other or with a significant other. Also, they must have had to successfully complete all three Sacraments (Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation).

5. To register in person, please provide the following: (A) valid I.D. (any form of I.D. with photographic image containing basic information) of parents. (B) Original Birth Certificate of the Child or the Original Certificate of Live Birth, Please submit that has been printed NOT hand-written (provided by the Hospital, where the child was born).

6. By pre-registering online it does not reflect a registered and confirmed baptism with date or time. All the communication with the Baptism Department shall be through the email provided in your behalf.

7. On the day of the baptism both parents of the child being baptized must be present in order for the child to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. In the event of one of the parents (Mother or Father) not being able to be present and witness the Ceremony, then a notarized letter is enforced. The notarize letter becomes a legal document in which one parent gives His/her consent to Baptize the child. If FULL CUSTODY (NOT JOINT CUSTODY OR GUARDIANSHIP) has been granted, please provide all Court Documents prior to the day of the Baptism.

8. Parents of the child being baptized are solely responsible to verify that the Godparents have met the requirements mentioned above and responsible to provide all original documentations prior or on the day of the baptism. Otherwise, no Ceremony of Baptism will take place. NO EXCEPTIONS!

9. Sought a letter from your community Catholic Church, containing authorization to baptize outside of your own community. The authorization is obtained as a sign of respect to other Catholic Churches near you.

10. The Baptismal Class will be held during the Baptism to avoid loss of working days.

11. The Baptism Ceremonies are held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday Ceremonies are at 1:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday, the hour of the Ceremonies will be assigned in the order it was received.

12. In the Ceremony of Baptism, only 6 people in total may attend. For example: Parents (2), Godparents (2), and two Guests making it a total of 6 attendees.

13. The minimum Donation for the Ceremony of Baptism is $100.00 cash for each child. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted. The minimum donation is due on the day of the Baptism. No Exception.

14. By order of the Los Angeles Fire Department, strollers are NOT allowed within the Church while a Ceremony is being held; strollers become a material obstructing the aisles or exits.

15. It is NOT allowed to take pictures or record a video inside the Church while a Ceremony is taking place, in accordance with the State Law for The Protection of Minors.

16. If seeking a Private Baptism, please speak with a Representative from the Baptism Department.

17. The days of Registration are as follows: Monday and Tuesday 8:00 am. – 6:30 pm., Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1:30 pm. – 4:00 pm.

For any inquiry, please contact the Church at (213)629-3101