Our Lady Queen of Angels


Following the example set by Jesus, baptism initiates an individual into the Christian community and confers sanctifying grace upon a soul, purifying it with water and sealing it with holy chrism. If you or your child would like to begin your Christian life as part of our community please contact us and let us know.


Jesus announces the liberating mercy of God to those in its path, starting with the poor, the marginalized and the sinners and invites them to follow Him.
In the Parish we try to have all three of the priests confess at the same time for people who approach the sacrament can have more quality and personal attention. We have fixed weekly schedules and set special times in Advent and Lent so that there is a more intense live the mysteries of Christ such as birth, death and resurrection preparation.
We have well equipped confessionals for the time of confession, a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is taken. While people wait their turn we offer a space of silence, order and material to read and reflect. If for some reason someone could not attend at the times indicated confessions, we give the option to make an appointment for catering to office hours.

First Communion / Family Catechesis

It's a joy to present the program for the preparation of the Sacrament of First Communion which involves parents and educators in the faith of their children. Family catechesis is the introduction to Eucharistic life who want to live with plentitude their meet and friendship with Jesus Christ.

The training program has a duration of one year. The program is for children aged 7-13 years. We meet every week with the children on Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The family attends Sunday Mass 9:00 am each week. We have a retreat for parents and a retreat for children.


We offer the Sacrament of Confirmation program for youth 14-17 years. The preparation consists of a year, where young people gather for their class every Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and attend Sunday Mass at 10:30 am. During the Mass, the youth participate as voters and ushers in the collection. They also do 25 hours of community service. The program prepares candidates in their catechism and faith experiences that help young people closer to Christ. The Youth Day is to be held in the city of Anaheim, California.


"What God has joined no man put asunder" the Parish drilling program for marriage is based on the desire for marriage to last a lifetime. Initially the couple offers a kerygma for every couple first have a personal encounter with Christ, and base their faith as an indispensable element in married life. Weekly course where human values are emphasized both in theoretical and practical aspect of the life of the couple is offered. Homework assignments are given at home to assess progress and check if you value the sacramental life. Finally it is highlighted, the ceremony and importance of immediate preparation. A follow-up is given to the couple in continuous training.

Annointing of the Sick

God has established a sacrament for healing in illness (both physical and spiritual) and preparation for death and entrance into new life in heaven. If you or a loved one is sick or dying and would like to receive special sacramental prayers and anointing, please contact us and be assured of our prayers with you and for you in this time.


Adults: For people 18 or older who want to become members of the Catholic Church, we have the RICA. Through this program they receive the sacraments of Christian Initiation which are Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion. The preparation is one year. Catechumens attend Sunday Mass at 10:30 am where they hear the Word of God and Sermon, then they meet to discuss the readings and Gospel and apply it to their life.

Children: For children 7-17 years that want to be Catholic we have a program of the rite of Christian initiation for children. The preparation is two years.
At the end of their preparation time, adults and children receive the sacraments of Christian initiation at the Easter Vigil. By Baptism they constitute the people of God, he receives forgiveness of all their sins and born to the status of adopted children; by Confirmation they are more perfectly configured to the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit to give witness to him before the world; and participating in the Eucharistic assembly by eating the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, and express the unity of the people of God and ask that all mankind come to the unity of God's family.
All programs are given in Spanish

Holy Orders

The three priests who work in the parish; Rev. Arturo, Rev. Luis, and Rev. Roberto, are convinced that the priestly vocation is valuable and we are proud of our ministry. We promote vocations primarily through our work and sincere example in pastoral activities that we do. Requests are made in Sunday Masses for vocations and has retreats with young people to discern their vocation. The youth survey is to identify potential candidates for the priesthood and religious life or both men and women. We connect potential candidates with directors of vocations in the diocese. We invite potential candidates to actively participate in social activities, liturgical and pastoral evangelization for an overview of the life of the Church and its activities is taken.